I want to show timeline event icon


Now I have been working with timeline event in deals.

I created application and installed it like this one.

When I create event using timeline event api, the result is like this image.

So issue is first that I don't see the email in title.
sample is showing only like this one.

So " {{email}} had example ... "

Why don't I see the {{email}} ?

Also I don't see the icon image.
I want to see icon like this.

Please help me to show email and icon.


Hi @lee_json,

Can you give me a link to your app's settings? The icon image should be uploaded there; once it's uploaded to your app settings it should appear on the timeline. Regarding the email; the only reason I can imagine that it wouldn't be appearing is if the contact in question doesn't have an email address; can you also send a link to that specific contact record?



It's my app url.

Also I can see title in header like this, "had M1 event"
But sample shows like "user@email had ...."

Why cannot I see user info in title?

I think there is problem in not showing user info .


Hi @lee_json,

Thanks for your patience here, and apologies for the delay. After checking out the app settings you linked above, I noticed that you didn't have a greyscale icon uploaded. This icon is the one used for timeline events (it appears in the little circle to the left of the event). Without a greyscale version, the timeline will instead show a default.

I also tried to check out your test portal for a contact(s) that had your timeline event to continue troubleshooting, but the only test portal I could find didn't actually have your app installed. Can you give me a link to a contact in a portal with your app installed? If you're doing these tests with another test app, can you give me the details for that app? The actual behavior here is dependent on the specific interaction between your app, contact, and portal, so I want to make sure that I get the details right.