IAM solution - can I use HubSpot in this way



My company would like to use HubSpot for Sales and Marketing, as CTO I’d like to have 1 place for all ‘contacts’ and thus move my AUTH function to a 3rd party IAM solution - which ideally would be the same place as the rest of the company…
Can HubSpot provide that service? I have read the developers on OAuth and API service limits etc - so this sound like ‘yes’. My question is - is this what that API is intended for - rapid auth verification and the creation/return of a tamper proof cookie / OR a token? Or perhaps just a Yes/No, which could also work for us.

This would make HubSpot part of our tier-one SLA as a service - for high availability.

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@adrianbutter The OAuth is for authenticating into the API to programmatically pull information. If you wanted to display HubSpot data in a different application you could go that route. For users logging into the HubSpot app you will need to use a HubSpot username/login or a Google login. I don’t believe an IAM solution would work for logging into HubSpot.