Identify function for cross-domain tracking?


Hey guys.

I'm trying to overcome the limitations of cross-domain tracking, and here's a case I'd like to run by you.

Let's assume I have a user on domain A, that's been identified by hutk & email address, and then he types in a domain B and visits it. Cross-domain tracking is enabled for both domains, but he didn't navigate via the spiced-up link.
For those two hits, the same hutk and the same HS account ID for both domains is not enough to tie the sessions, right?

Is there a way I can pass the __hsfp, __hssc, and __hstc values by myself?


Hi @mad,

It's not possible for you to pass those tracking parameters yourself. In the situation you're describing, the two visits wouldn't automatically be associated (unless the visitor was previously identified at some point prior). Having the same hutk is actually enough to associate the activity to the same contact record; when the cross domain tracking parameters are included in a link, it tells the tracking code to use the existing hutk value instead of generating a new one, thereby associating visit activity.

tl;dr it's not possible to manually pass cross-domain tracking parameters, but if a visitor ever clicked a link between the domains we'll be able to pick it up.