Identify not updating fields


hello, we are updating fields from by identify.
I can see the identify at segment but i dont see any changes in “properties history” on hubspot.
I am sending the correct userId and the email as well.
Also tried doing:“home”);
after for flushing but it didnt work.

please help.


Hi @Miki_Lallouz,

From Segment’s documentation:

When you call identify on analytics.js, we’ll store contact information with the traits you provide. The userId is ignored since HubSpot does not use a userId. However, you must include an email trait as the userId or as

HubSpot doesn’t accept plain identity information - traits are attached to and passed along with your next Segment page or track event. Traits also won’t persist across pages given how HubSpot’s Javascript is structured, so if you call identify, you must call page or track at least once on the same page in order to flush your data to HubSpot.

Are you calling page or track to push the identify information into HubSpot? I would recommend reaching out to Segment support to make sure that the information is being correctly sent to HubSpot. If you can reach out with the request being made to HubSpot that’s failing to update, I’d be happy to continue investigating.


This is a fully working system with a lot of requests, “Page” requests are being called every few seconds.
Please, I need a solution here, I cant keep going back and forth between segment and hubspot trying to resolve
your communication issues, please escalate this ticket as needed or we will be forced to find us a new identity management provider.
we are currently paying and not getting the results paid for.


we are talking about account


Hi @Miki_Lallouz,

When using Segment’s tracking code, they handle the storage of identity information and calling of the HubSpot tracking code methods. Without insight into precisely how they’re calling these methods, I can’t determine what’s going wrong. If you’re using the Segment ‘identify’ and ‘page’ methods according to their documentation, but aren’t seeing the results in HubSpot, then the issue is likely in the way that Segment’s methods are calling the corresponding HubSpot tracking code methods. One way to get additional information is to call the HubSpot tracking code methods directly on the page, rather than using the Segment tracking code methods. You can then see if the issue is related to 1. Where you’re calling the methods, 2. an error with the information passing to HubSpot or 3. the Segment methods. The HubSpot tracking code methods are:

_hsq.push(["identify", { {identity details} }]); to identify the visitor
_hsq.push(['trackPageView']); to push the information to HubSpot