Identify users from Hubspot to Heap analytics



We are using Hubspot sales crm to send outbound emails and use the conversations widget on the website, and we'd like to connect the contact's information to heapanalytics, what info should we use ? the value of the cookie hubspotutk ?

We would like to eventually retrieve the history of this contact from hubspot's API (emails received, opened, conversations had via the widget etc .. ) and push it to heap.

How should I do this ?



Hi @bellatigmehdi,

The structure of the integration depends heavily on what data you need to pull from HubSpot, and at what point you're trying to pull info from HubSpot. For example, if you have access to a contact's email address, you should use that to pull the contact record from HubSpot. It's also possible to use the hubspotutk to pull a contact record, so it depends on what information you have. Based on what you've mentioned above, I'd start with the Email Events API and the Contacts API: