Identifying LinkedHub Notes added to Contact Records



Hi everyone! We recently started noticing that LInkedHub (3rd party LinkedIn/HubSpot sync) is adding any messages sent/received from LinkedIn contacts as notes to their contact record in HubSpot. This is great, but I want to create an activity so that I can track it and record it as sales activity in HubSpot. I was planning on using Zapier to trigger off of new notes added and then inspect the JSON and look for an identifier and then use the HubSpot API to create the activity but I don't know what I would use as the identifier that the note added was added by LinkedHub. Below is the JSON for a note added by LinkedHub. Is any of the info identifiable to LinkedHub that I could use?


Hi @mmjoeolsen, does the integration provide you with any sort of built-in custom properties that you could use to your advantage? If the only thing that happens is that a note is created, I don't think there's a good way to identify these notes as being separate. My suggestion would have been to perhaps use the Webhooks API to subscribe to a change in a custom contact property coming from the integration, then have that webhook trigger a custom timeline event using the Timeline API which you can segment lists based off and track/report on.

If the only thing that identifies the LinkedIn integration in the body of the note, I don't know of any good way to solve your current roadblock.


Thanks Connor. It does not and I am actually working with them right now trying to get something like " - via LinkedHub" appended to the note.

And the timeline idea is a good one, so when I get the above implemented on LinkedHub's side, I will do that :slight_smile: