Iframe in a CRM extension card



I have been using the CRM extension API to add some information cards to Companies with no problems.
However I know want to include an image in the card. I can see the LinkedIn integration uses an iframe to load up data into the card area. Is there a public extension available to accomplish this same thing or is that a private API for LinkedIn only?


Hey @tonygoodchild, I can't quite visualize what you mean by including an image in the card -- just so I can see what you mean, can you send me a screenshot of how that looks? With the CRM extension api, you can set an iframe to pop up after clicking on an iframe action, but not directly onto the sidecard itself


Hi Connor, ideally I would like to create an iFrame inside the card - similar to the LinkedIn integration (as per attached image).

If that isn't possible, I have mocked up a screenshot of how an image would look. I would want to be able to specify the URL of an image to be shown across the width of the card (see attached example with a map image)


Hey @tonygoodchild, looks like this is a feature only the Sales Navigator has access to. One thing you can do, though, is create an iframe action (i.e. a button/link) that you can click to open up an iframe modal to show your image. This is the only possible workaround at the moment.


Thanks @Connor_Barley,

Do you know if it is in a roadmap at all?
Having it in the modal popup doesn't suit what I'm trying to achieve.


Hey @tonygoodchild, not in the cards at the moment, but can pass along this feedback. Can you give me your use case and why the current setup doesn't fit your needs?