I'm a super admin but "The dashboard you’re trying to access requires additional permissions. Please ask your administrator to update your settings."


I've created a developer account, and as far as I can tell, the user that I've created has super admin access. However, when I try to look at anything in the dashboard, like Account and Billing, Pricing and Features, etc., I get a page telling me that "You're not allowed in here. It looks like you don't have permission to access this page. Please contact one of your administrators to resolve this issue." But I'm the only admin! What do I do?


Hi @daisieh,

In the main developer account, app features like dashboard/account & billing are not available. The developer account is used for managing your apps and test hubs only so it would not contain data that is required for those features. Only normal portals or test portals can access them. If you are looking to create test portals, you can navigate to the 'Testing' tab in your developer account and create test hubs there.

Hope this clarifies!