I'm getting a timeout response during my contacts import



I've built a custom Symfony application that uses Guzzle for cUrl requests. The functionality uses the all contacts call to retrieve the VID's from the contacts and then loops over those. For each VID that we have I call upon the contact by vid call to get the contact in question, and save some information from that contact to the database.

This goes fine. In fact it went fine most of the time. But at the day of this writing, 20-07-2018, it seems that I get a 524 Origin Time-out response every time after about 90 contacts or so.

Looking for a solution, I've sliced the batch size of the amount of contacts that I'm getting per 'getting all contacts requests' by half to 50. They used to be 100.

This didn't help. I don't really know where to go from here and wonder if the issue might be from your side.

If you need any additional information, contact me. I'll see if I can get it for you. :slight_smile:


Hi @danielskrepr,

Can you give me your Hub ID? Also, which specific endpoint(s) are you using, and are you specifying a large number of contact properties?


Hello, @Derek_Gervais,

Thank you for responding. :slight_smile:

My Hub ID is: 4250527
The endpoints that I am using are:

Right now, I am receiving all properties of every contact that I receive. Is it possible that I may select the properties required and will that help the timeout issue?


Hi @danielskrepr,

So I took a quick look at the traffic to your portal, and it looks like you're pulling a batch of contacts with the 'Get all contacts' endpoint, then requesting each of them individually? If you have a specific subset of contact properties that you need to pull, you can request them when pulling the contacts initially from the 'Get all contacts' endpoint using &property= parameters. This should enable you to make fewer requests overall, which will inevitably help with these timeouts.

Also, are you retrying after seeing these errors? In general, we see an almost 100% success rate after a single retry, so you might be able to circumvent the issue entirely if you cleanly handle these with a retry.