I'm trying to create a zap that links Zoho Recruit Candidate to a Contact


I'm not a developer, but wondering if someone can help me. How do I get the VID url from Hubspot into a field that I created in Zoho Recruit? I've created a zap in zapier which will create a new contact in Zoho Recruit once a new contact is created in Hubspot but can't figure out how to get the VID so I can click on it in Zoho Recruit and go directly to their profile in Hubspot.

There may be a better way then Zapier, if there is please dumb it down for me since I'm not a developer :wink:


Hi @Melissa_Pacheco,

A contacts vid isn't visible anywhere in app (except in your browser's address bar), and is only used internally. I'm not particularly familiar with what process Zapier is using to create a contact in Zoho Recruit based on a HHubSpot contact, so I can't say for sure, but if you aren't able to select the contact's vid then it's likely that Zapier isn't including it as an option. I'd recommend reaching out to Zapier support to get some more info on whether or not vid can be used.


Thanks Derek! Really appreciate it!