I'm trying to pull down analytics tool reports displayed on hubspot dashboard through analycis api but got error


I got this error

{"status":"error","message":"Only HubSpot Enterprise customers may use a HAPIkey to access this resource.","correlationId":"xxxxxxxxx","requestId":"xxxxxxxxxxx"}

So is there any way to pull down this report except upgrading to enterprise.

An other sub question in the same thread, hope its fine
I would also like to know on how to pull down "Dashboard Reports" and "Custom Reports" that are underneath the Analytics tool menu in the Reports menu. Please advice, let me know if its possible with API after I upgrade to enterprise account



Hi @Hsquare_Technology,

haipkey access to the Analytics API is limited to the Enterprise product tier. Additionally, the Analytics API can be used to pull information in a manner similar to the built-in reporting tools in HubSpot, but it doesn't allow you to pull specific existing dashboards or reports. Check out the docs for more info on the types of information you can pull from the Analytics API: