Images not saved to HubSpot when Contact Form 7 form filled


I have a WordPress site which contains a Contact Form 7 form. This form, along with text fields for entering the name, email and phone number, contains two file upload fields for the user to submit images.

This form is a Collected Form. I am able to obtain the name, email and phone number in HubSpot (the appropriate properties get populated). For the images HubSpot has created custom properties (which I understand is default behaviour). These properties have URL links as values. However, when I click on the link, the preview of the image does not appear. The link redirects to the selected contact's details page.

How do I ensure that images get assigned as properties (or attachments if that would be a better approach) to a contact?


Hi @Aarti_Tendulkar,

The collected forms tool listens on the front end for the form submission, and captures the details of the form submission. For this reason, it can only capture single line text fields; the form is submitting elsewhere, so there isn't any request/upload being made to HubSpot at all. If you need to upload these files to HubSpot, you'll need to use a traditional HubSpot form.