Impact of adding CRM Extension API to existing REST API only app


We currently have an app that a number of customers have installed. It has basic access to to the contact record (mainly for a marketing use case).

We want to add an optional CRM extension to show some extra custom data next to the contact record. Is it recommended to create a separate app? I would prefer to add it to our existing app, but I'm concerned about the following 2 things:

  1. Will it break connections that existing customers have already setup if I modify the app to have the CRM extension?
  2. If someone installs our connect app that has a CRM extension, will the extension automatically be added to the contact record? Can admins optionally disable the extension's UI widget but at the same time still allow for our REST api access to the contact record?


Hi @Amit_Gupta,

The CRM Extensions API only requires the contacts scope group, so as long as the portals that currently have your integration installed have approves the contacts scope group, there shouldn't be any issues if you add this functionality. The CRM extension you implement should just appear on the contact records of new and existing installs.

That said, this is a fairly significant change, so at the very least I'd recommend creating a separate test app (if you don't already do that). You might also feel more comfortable combining existing features and the new CRM Extensions functionality into a separate 'V2' app; this is entirely up to you.


Thanks Derek! Is there a way for an admin to disable the CRM Extensions widget on the contact record if they want to but still allow for the REST API access?


Hi @Amit_Gupta,

That's tricky. If it's all one app, there's no way to 'turn off' the CRM extensions for certain portals. The only way to do something like that would be to have two distinct apps; one for all rest functionality, and another for CRM extensions. I wouldn't necessarily recommend that because of the complexity it introduces, but technically that would be possible.