Import data to give users acess to a virtual machine



We are currently setting up an online trial version of our product that needs to run on a virtual desktop. When people sign up on our website, we have to manually assign a unique password to each individual user that links to a specific virtual machine.

The plan is therefore to automate this process: We then need HubSpot to look into a data source (I’m thinking Excel), link the user to a unique password and send an email with the information to the user. Can this be done? And in that case how?



Hi @Glen_Hagensen,

Passwords are sensitive information that shouldn’t be stored or processed in HubSpot, as storing personal or sensitive information is against the HubSpot Terms of Service. You could include a ‘Forgot password?’ or "Reset password’ link in the email that would allow the customer to set their password for the virtual machine, but otherwise your authentication process shouldn’t include HubSpot.