Import New Companies in Hubspot



Hi Support

I want to import companies in hubspot on behalf of hubspot company Id. Is this possible using hubspot Import tools as I didn't find it through using Hubspot Id, it is currently using Company Domain as a primary key. Please advise asap

Saad A.


@syedsaadabbasi Your findings are correct. At the moment the Company Domain is used as the unique identifier for a Company. There isn't a way to alter this at the moment.


Any idea if this is being addressed? This is a really stupid way to go about records management. Using domains is silly. What if multiple locations have the same domain? What if customers don't have any domain at all?

Every other system I have ever used allows me to download records in CSV, make changes to the CSV, then re-upload the CSV so the changes are made to the matching records. I cannot do this with Hubspot. The system creates a UNIQUE ID, then doesn't allow us to match and update records against that UNIQUE ID?

I am now looking at an API deployment, and dev project, just so I can upload a spreadsheet to my CRM, in 2018.