Important update for the Deals and Companies API changes


Hi Everyone,

There’s an important update to the changes announcement here:

In addition to the changes mentioned in that thread, an additional limit of 100k records will be put into place on Monday, October 10th. This limit is only a record limit, there will not be a change to the date limit at this time.

If you believe this will affect your integration, or if you see any issues with this on Monday, please let us know here or message me directly.


Can you please clarify on the timeline of these releases? Are all of the changes including the ones from the other announcement going live today, October 10th?


The only change happening today is the limit of 100k records.

The 10k limit and 30 day limit will not be happening until the end of the month.


@dadams I’m not sure I understand correctly, maybe because I’m not a native english speaker.
Is the 100k limit a limit of the API endpoints, or a global limit on the number of contacts, companies and deals including in the UI ?


The limit is currently 10k records, and that limit only applies to the number of records those specific endpoints can return.

The actual limits on the number of records that can be created would be listed here: