Importing Contacts into Company using our account number, not email domain



We want to import our existing customers (who have registered on our site) into HubSpot so we can track our outreach with them. Some contacts at have registered with their company email, but many registered with a personal email (gmail, or yahoo or something) or others are contractors and have a different email address than the one we associate with their account. In other words, we may see this:

Account with Company ABC:

Account with Company XYZ:

If we import from CSV, Company ABC would only have user1 and user 2 associated, but not users 3 and 4, and Company XYZ would have users 1 and 1, but lose user 3. Support said this might be possible via the API, but thought we might need a paid version of HubSpot Marketing in order to have access to the right API?

We do have SalesPro, but we do NOT have Marketing Pro, can we still use the API to import our contacts and use a custom field for our own AccountID to get our contacts associated to the right company (like above) regardless of email domain?

Thank you in advance, please let me know if I did not explain what I am trying to achieve clearly…



Hi @Peggy_Graham,

If you have access to the CRM, you also have access to the API for contacts, companies, and deals. The Knowledge Base article below has some information on getting access to your API key. You can use the Contacts API and Companies API to import/associate these contact records.


@Derek_Gervais - Thank you SO much! We absolutely DO have access to CRM, so good to know what we have what we need. I thought we did, then was confused when I heard otherwise. We will investigate the links you sent, thank you for the help!


@Peggy_Graham If you do not wish to use the API to do this, you can use the CSV Import Wizard by Import2 (disclaimer, I work for Import2). This allows you to import contacts with their company relationship exactly as you have it in the CSV, and is not limited by using email/domain. Hope this helps!