In Calendar Api's "ListAllEvents" response, Blog TopicId being returned as null even when I associate a topic



I have created a blog task in hubspot attached a screenshot of the details. I have associated some topic to it but when I get the response for ListAllEvents, for this particular blog,the topicID is being null. Can someone look into this

Below is the response I get:

“id”: “276573508”,
“eventType”: “PUBLISHING_TASK”,
“eventDate”: 1489746600000,
“category”: “BLOG_POST”,
“categoryId”: 3,
“contentId”: 4947109980,
“state”: “TODO”,
“campaignGuid”: “b65d0d27-41a4-4d46-acd6-be84abe9e1b0”,
“portalId”: 2937508,
“name”: “BlogPost2222”,
“description”: “lsadlkasjdlkjsadkljsadlkjasljdsalkjdjsadksannsxknslxnlsxslkanxlsa”,
“url”: null,
“ownerId”: 22173508,
“createdBy”: 3956057,
“createContent”: true,
“previewKey”: null,
“templatePath”: null,
“socialUsername”: null,
“socialDisplayName”: null,
“avatarUrl”: null,
“isRecurring”: false,
“topicIds”: null,
“contentGroupId”: null,
“userIds”: null

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Hey @Venu_Bandaru,

At this time we are only populating topicIds when getting a single task

Can you tell me more about your use case and why you are looking to get all calendar events?



Hi Zack,

We are working on a connector which integrates with Hubspot. Our use-case will be like to list all the calendar events and export the response data to a sheet/ other connector to be used later. So we are working with your Api’s and when we call the list all events action, we need the topic Id so that it can next be used to find out the corresponding topic name associated to the blog.
We cannot individually call get-calendar-task-by-id because there can be many tasks and we will have to make multiple Api calls.