In WordPress, can I get an embedded Hubspot form that's set to inline TY to redirect to a URL


Hi all,
I have a client who uses Hubspot and I maintain their WordPress website. My client would like to use a single embedded form that's set in Hubspot to display a inline thank you message that then redirects to a URL in our WordPress site. They've sent me the embedded Hubspot form code that’s setup to display inline thank you messages. They don't want to create individual forms with the different redirects.

For example, they want to use one embedded Hubspot form to track opens for all of their webinar views. Each webinar video is a page on our wordpress site. Here's the action they want:

  1. They'd like to have a list of these webinars on the website with individual links to "view webinar"
  2. When a user clicks "view webinar" it would open to a Wordpress page with the form. Here's an example w/the embedded Hubspot form w/the inline thank you:
  3. When the user submits the form, they'd like the page to open to a URL on the site (like this one: )

We'd then like to use the same inline form (set to the thank you message) that can be used to open other webinars using the same method above.

Thanks in advance for any help!


Hi Lisa

I think there's a few ways to achieve this.

You could load the form onto the page with some custom JavaScript, and use the meta data option in WordPress to populate the redirect value, have a look at Include form fields as redirect URL parameters on an embedded form

You could have a custom form that on submission is checked client side for valid fields, passes the data to HubSpot via the API, and then redirect to the video page.

The alternative would be to use something like Ninja Forms, you would have to create a new form each time for each Webinar (though you can duplicate them easily enough) and on submission just get it to send the data to Zapier, which in turn can submit the data to the same form in HubSpot.

Hope that helps