Inability to update existing contacts


We have a third-party integration piece that connects our website and Hubspot. I am having issues with being able to update existing hubspot contacts.

It appears as though hubspot is sending a 409 error when attempting to update an existing contact even when the email address is not being updated. While I do not have much insight into the code for this piece, I do know that it is utilizing the vid of the user and the vid api to push data over.

Here is the example endpoint I was given:

Has anyone had similar issues with this method and/or endpoint?



Hi @dawnsmoot, I'll need to see an example request that you're making to HubSpot, but POSTing to with the correct vid should allow you to update a contact without issue. I just used this endpoint to update a contact so the API is working correctly at the moment.

Are you submitting via OAuth rather than hapikey?



We are using an Marketing Automation Connector from Episerver and I cannot see the request that is being made. I spoke to Epi and they confirmed that they are utilizing the hapikey to make the request. They also stated that there is a new bug associated with their current release and they are currently working on fixing that. Thank you for your input and I will keep this post updated with any new results.


great, thank you for the update @dawnsmoot, let me know of any changes