Incoming_Email Type for Engagements



We noticed a new engagement type called “Incoming_Email”. This looks to be new as the types we show listed are as followed: EMAIL, CALL, MEETING, TASK, NOTE

What is the difference between EMAIL and INCOMING_EMAIL?


Hi @Luke_Owen

INCOMING_EMAIL would refer to email replies sent back from that contact. There are more details about how that would be set up here:


It seems that when you attach a file to an engagement type of “incoming_email” the attachment is only visible in the context of the email in the activity history. It is not added to the Attachments section for that contact. It also allows you to “reply” to the email in the history which is nice.

When you use “email” engagement type attachments are show in both the context of the email and the attachments section, but you can’t “reply” to this type of engagement.

I would love to know how we can add an engagement of type “incoming_email” and get the attachments to show up in the attachments section.

I logged a case for this as well as it seems like inconsistent behavior.