Incomplete List of Properties - Recently Updated Contacts


I am trying to update an internal system with recently updated contacts from HubSpot but when I call “” and view the contact properties it doesn’t include all properties.
If I were to call “” for that same contact I get a bunch of additional properties…including the ones that I need.
Any idea how to get around this issue?


@wghipps You could use the property tag on the get contact by VID endpoint to get just the contact properties you want. Here is the documentation for that endpoint.


I am already getting all of the properties when using get contact by VID but when I get RECENTLY UPDATED contacts it is not including all of the properties.


@wghipps gotcha, The way we have it set up to restrict a total payload size that would be sending out to prevent any failed requests. You could still use the property tag here to grab the properties you need most. You can use the count parameter as well to limit the amount of contacts you bring back as well in the case you name a large number of properties and want to prevent any timeouts from occurring.


When I call the following with no properties specified I get “all” of the properties(including one called “hs_email_optout”.

When I call the following with no properties specified I get only 4 properties.

Is there something in the configuration that limits what properties are exposed thru the API?

We are trying to run a process nightly to get contacts updated in the past 24 hours and see update our system if they have opted out to a newsletter.


@wghipps The first endpoint is designed to bring back only one contact. Therefore we can return all of the properties with out causing a timeout due to payload size. The second endpoint is designed to bring back multiple contacts so we restrict the number of properties that will come back with each one.


I understand that but when I call GET and specify “hs_email_optout” I don’t get the property back. Can this property be returned? What is the limit on properties?


@wghipps Can I see the call you are making? I can get it back when I hit the endpoint. Here is the GET call I am making.

This is part of the response.
“properties”: {
“lastmodifieddate”: {
“value”: “1476546901287”
“hs_email_optout”: {
“value”: “”


This was extremely frustrating. We wasted hours and hours of tracing and debugging on this issue.

Why doesn't the API documentation mention this restriction! We should not discover it the hard way.