Increase Concurrency Limit for App Webhook Subscription



I am trying to increase the concurrency limit for app subscriptions. However, it gives an irrelevant message as if I was trying to change the webhook URL.


Can't seem to do do through the API neither when I update the concurrency limit
"validationErrors": [
"code": "enabledSubscriptionsExist",
"message": "Cannot clear subscription url when enabled subscriptions exist."


Hi @Fnayou,

It looks like the same error is being thrown for both changing the concurrency limit and changing the webhook URL while subscriptions are active. I'll take this to my team to see if we can straighten our the error messaging, and see if it should be required that webhook subscriptions are turned off before updating the concurrency limit. I'll update this thread when I have more information on that front.

In the meantime, deactivating your existing webhook subscriptions will allow you to update your webhook concurrency limit.


Hi @Fnayou,

Thanks for your patience here; this has been resolved. You should now be able to change your concurrency limit without deactivating any webhook subscriptions. Note that you'll still need to deactivate your webhook subscriptions if you're changing your webhook URL, however.