Increased Password security



Our IT-security department just approved another year of Hubspot usage for our CRM department but with the desclaimer that it might not be approved for another year unless Hubspot tightens up the complexity of the login in Password. The current requirements was not enough. When asking support it didnt seem that this was something that was in the making so i thought i’d check here if someone as done any sort of work around solution, using 3rd part tools or something of their own making in order to get around this , so that when we let users into Hubspot they need a more complex passwords than the rules that HS ask for(which in my opinion is not good enough)



Hi @Daniel_D

Custom password rules aren’t something we currently support, and it’s not something we have any plans for at the moment. We do allow users to log in using a Google account, but that’s the only third party login we support at the moment, and Google login just provides an additional option for login, so users would still be able to login to HubSpot directly.

Is there anything specific that you’d need in the password requirements?


Our IT security thinks the HS password rules are not complex enough and therefor does not comply
with our corporate guidelines and that we would need a more granular password control or stricter policy in order to get approval again during next years review