Increasing daily API call limit



I’ve been in contact with HubSpot customer support about getting the daily API query-limit increased for my account, and they have suggested asking whether or not that is possible here. Please see my email to customer support below for a complete explanation of my situation and why I’m making the request. The short version is that the 10k cap is a serious development bottleneck for my team and I because we’re building an ODBC Driver for HubSpot.

Hi Katie,

My team and I are building an ODBC driver to connect to HubSpot, which our HubSpot-using customers will be able to use to essentially extract and process every scrap of information that’s associated with their HubSpot account. Naturally, that involves extensive an repeated calls to the HubSpot APIs. In particular, once we being testing the driver, we’ve found through oh-so-painful experience that a 10,000 call limit is a real development blocker for us. As soon as we hit the limit, which happens fairly often with a 10k cap, all testing has to grind to a halt until the count gets reset.

If there is any way to have the limit increased we would really appreciate it. Please let me know if there is anything further I can do to help move the process along.

Thanks very much,


Hey @Adam

Can you tell me about the calls you are making? Also, are you building a single portal integration using a HAPI key, or are you building a publicly available app that will use Oauth?

There are batch endpoints that you can use to update up to 100 contacts in one call which should help alleviate some of the volume.

If you’re looking for outgoing changes you might want to investigate the webhooks API.

We also have a new beta webhooks endpoint that will send updates on a per property basis (e.g. if first name is updated it will send the updated info). You can apply for the beta program here.

If you’re trying to provide real time updates, it’s unlikely that the records are being updated multiple times every second, and so kicking off a task that polls the entire database around every fifteen minutes might be a satisfactory compromise.


Hey @seb_fairchild,

We’re going to be using Oauth, as our app will be publicly available.

Our app basically takes the information available via the HubSpot APIs and presents it to our users as a collection of tables that they can interact with using SQL (See here for a more detailed look at the interface we’re implementing). As such, the endpoints we’ll be making most heavy use of are those that provide CRUD functionality for the tables we’ve defined. While the batch endpoints for contacts will be helpful for us when we’re dealing with information associated with our Contacts tables, we’ll be making equally heavy use of other endpoints that allow us to do CRUD stuff with the other tables we’ve defined. And it’s not just CRUD endpoints we’re going to be using – anything that doesn’t fit neatly into the SQL framework will be exposed as a stored procedure. We’re going to be hitting pretty much all the endpoints a lot, particularly during testing.

As for using the webhooks stuff, I not sure how useful they’ll be for us as we’re on quite a tight schedule and don’t have a lot of room to deviate from our current implementation plan (I’ve had a quick look at them, it seems they might help us with some of our updates, but that still leaves a lot of endpoints unaccounted for).

We’ve tried working under a 10k cap before with another service, and despite our best efforts to make use of the optimization available on that platform we hit the cap a lot. If there is any way to have our cap increased you would really, really be making the lives of my team members and I a lot easier!



I would highly recommend applying for the webhooks beta for this. You’re essentially asking to replicate all HubSpot data for a portal. Polling for this information is expensive for portals with a lot of data (you end up re-reading records that didn’t change). And because this process is resource-intensive you’re typically going to run into API limitations. (This is why the limitations are in place.)

Internally, we don’t even poll our own data for changes, we listen to streams of changes as they occur. The Webhooks beta gives you access to the same change streams we use internally. This will result for you in a less-intensive and much faster way to keep your data in sync.


Hijacking this slightly older thread, but the Service Limit page now states that the daily API limit is 40,000 calls. I haven’t seen this increase mentioned elsewhere. Has the limit indeed been increased from 10,000? -thanks