Increasing Page Speed


We have fixed the entire problem for increasing the page speed on our website, using the recommendations from Google’s page speed insight tool. Is there any tool for Hubspot website to detect and suggest fixes to solve the page speed issue?

Website URL is:




I don’t think we have a tool specifically for page speed on HubSpot-hosted sites, but pretty much any external page speed testing/analysis tool should work.

We have Website Grader (, but it provides higher-level advice and recommendations (not page speed).


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Hi @dharmesh

Thank you for your time.

A follow-up question - Do COS HubSpot-hosted sites serve images through CDN.



Hi @dharmesh

One more follow-up question - Please let me know, can we do CSS spriting in HubSpot-hosted sites?



Yes, we do serve images, CSS, JS and pages through a global CDN.

You can certainly use CSS spriting and other performance techniques as you have full access to write JS and CSS code.


Hi @boulter

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I tried to make CSS-spriting, but it is not working, can you please tell me any guide that I can use for Page Optimization on HubSpot-hosted sites.


Hi @boulter

Kindly let me know, how to do it?



Hi sameer, there’s nothing specific to HubSpot that needs to be done to use CSS spriting. I suggest looking up some tutorials on Google and uploading the sprited image to File Manger and the CSS to Design Manager.


Hi @boulter, Can you please provide me a link, In which I can see and do this.


Hi @boulter,

I searched for CSS spriting, I got a site ( reference by google from which I solved this problem. I removed the image and put the CSS class and put the “Spriting code” in CSS stylesheet, then it is working.
Is it the right way to do this?



Hi @everyone,

I had CSS spriting on this page ( but there were no changes in the page.
Please let me know I am doing right way for CSS sprinting.


I have made use of sprites extensively on my websites ( I used wearekiss dot com/spritepad to assemble the collective image from the individual images and to create the style sheet. The css file must then be placed on your COS ‘Coded’ files folder and attached to the specific page where the sprites will be used [Edit > Settings > Page-specific Stylesheets > search for your saved stylesheet]. Then all your ‘sprite’ [image] tags must indicate class=“whatever” for each sprite, no href URLs; see your css file for these bits.
Drawbacks: since all the sprites are really background images, you can’t append Alt tags, so SEO tools will see multiple [image] tags without Alt tags.