Information not appearing in our hubspot contact list



We are sending certain HardCoded values to hub spot API from our end on every request once user signs up on your platform, but unfortunately for some of the request hs_lead_status value is not appearing in our hubspot contact list of our company, but lifecyclestage is being received on every signup, which also implies this is not the problem on our end. as hs_lead_status, lifecyclestage is the hardcoded key/value pair, so it should be passed on every request to hubspot API. but one of them lifecyclestage is received by hubspot contact list on every request but not hs_lead_status on every contact list. So, if this should have been an issue on our end then either both of them lifecyclestage, hs_lead_status will not be recieved in contact list or both of them will be received as it is hardcoded. and I have attached snapshot of chrome inspector as well that both hardcoded values are being passed as request payload.

This is our snippet of code.

     const { firstName, lastName, email } = this.signUpForm;
      const portalId = '';
      const formId = '';`${portalId}/${formId}`, {
        fields: [
          { name: 'email', value: email },
          { name: 'firstname', value: firstName },
          { name: 'lastname', value: lastName },
          { name: 'hs_lead_status', value: 'Created Demodesk Account' },
          { name: 'lifecyclestage', value: 'lead' },

and please find snapshot of chrome devloper tools that indicates on every subsequent request our payload consist of
{ name: 'hs_lead_status', value: 'Created Demodesk Account' },
{ name: 'lifecyclestage', value: 'lead' }

as hardcoded values.


@Connor_Barley can you please help us out in this :slight_smile:


Hi @divyanshu-rawat, every contact within HubSpot has a lifecyclestage property filled out, but not every contact needs an hs_lead_status property. That means that if you do not send the lifecyclestage property over to HubSpot, it'll automatically be filled in by our system, but if you don't send the hs_lead_status property, nothing will appear.

That said, I'm not clear on what the problem is. If you're hardcoding the hs_lead_status field in your request to the forms API, this should come over to the contact. I'm seeing your lead status value is a space-separated value which doesn't seem right. Make sure to use the internal value and not the label:


@Connor_Barley thanks, we will change the lead status value to not be space-seperated. and then see whether everything works fine or not.
Thanks :slight_smile: