Initial import entity relations


Heelo Hubspot,

I have a question : we would like to import all our data to your CRM. We have more that 10k users and 7k organizations.

Using CSV or Excel import, how can we keep the relation between our entities ? The main problem is that we can not rely on the organization name because we have several organizations with the same name.

Thanks for your help,


Ruben Podadera


Hi @Ruben_BAP

If you have the option to automatically associate companies with contacts, those associations will be made automatically my matching the domain name of the company to the domain of the email address for the contacts. There are some more details here:

Otherwise, there is a lot more general information about import data from another CRM here:



You can use API to import your data, which will allow you to set the relationships between records exactly as they are in your source database. If you use the auto-create/auto-associate feature, this may create additional Company records instead of using the existing data from your source.

If you are not familiar with loading data over Hubspot’s API, we offer this as part of our standard data migration service. You can check out how this will work with a free sampe here: