Initial integration


Hi there,

We’ve recently just come on board as a partner and are in the process of integrating our first client. They have a custom CRM that we need to integrate with and I had some questions around this. My account manager suggested that this was the place for them


As an initial stage, the client wants to only focus on their London leads through Hubspot. We’ve identified 17k historic leads that we want to focus on plus configure the api to pull any new leads that come in through. I’m seeking a bit of clarity on the best processes here as as far as I can tell its not the most standard implementation however I was informed it was very much possible during the sales process.

I’m looking to get a spec over to their development team so that we can start work on the integration. If someone wouldn’t mind giving me a call that would be greatly appreciated - 07810372979


What is the best way to add the initial 17k contacts? manual import or via API
Going forwards - how is it best to identify and import new London leads?
Site forms - it was mentioned during the sales process that it would be best if we swapped out pre-existing forms with Hubsport forms - would this happen as part of the intial integration?
Where are the boundaries between Hubspot and the CRM. Do we need to define specific points where leads are passed back to the Clients CRM how is it recommended to split the responsibilities of the two platforms?




@Thomas_Voyle This site is a forum and does not offer phone support. We do have packages for technical Consultants if you need help getting off the ground. This forum is designed to assist people with one-off questions that they run into during their development of a solution. Do you mind private messaging me the name of your Account Manager?

That all being said if you have some time this morning I can block off 30 minutes to try and depart some experience for your use case. Do you have any 30 minute blocks free this morning from 10-11 of 11:30-12:00 EST?


Thanks for the feedback. I’ve spoken with my AM who’s arranged a call tomorrow with a technician instead. Appreciate the offer of help though


@Thomas_Voyle No problem, Please feel free to let us know if you run into anything during the building out of the integration.