Initial Salesforce & Hubspot Integration (API Calls being used)



Hello, im integrating SF and HS for the first time and was wondering about the API calls, I’m at the stage of set up where I can “Import now” and Hubspot says:

We estimate that this action will use approximately 111200 API calls to Salesforce. Your limit set in HubSpot is 157200 API calls.

Does this mean that only Hubspot API calls will be used during this time or will Salesforce API calls also be used? I don’t want to hit “Ok” and then find that Salesforce uses up its limit of calls for the day when we have other integrations using them as well…


Hi @AlexReed12,

This is referring to Salesforce API calls. You can set a maximum number of Salesforce API calls HubSpot is allowed to use (yours is currently 157200) to prevent HubSpot from using up all your API calls and hindering other integrations.