"Insufficient scopes were provided" - again



Hello. I have seen few topics here about this problem, but have not found the answer to my question.
So, I am getting the message: "Uh oh! Insufficient scopes were provided. Please contact the integrator."
while trying to connect to my Hubspot app via OAUTH.

This happens with free Hubspot account I have created on Hubspot.com
When I have created a developer account on the developers.hubspot.com, I was able to connect without any problem.

So my main question is: do I understand correctly that only certain categories of Hubspot customers can connect to the my app using OAUTH? What should I recommend to customer if he cannot connect to my app?


@taganay You are potentially correct in that only certain customers can connect. One example of this would be if you are requiring the automation scope and a HubSpot free/starter/basic customer tried to install it. Since they don't have the workflows tool they wouldn't be able to install it. What scopes are you asking for? Do you have an example portal in which you receive that error upon installation?


Thanks a lot! The workflow scope was the issue! As soon I have removed it from the my app, I was able to connect.