Integrate Hubspot posts with Wordpress



I have a website created in wordpress, and i have created blog posts in my hubspot account. Is there any way to link those hubspot post to my wordpress blog template through COS Blog api ?


Hi @mqasim,

Yes, you can use the various COS Blog APIs to pull information and content from your blog posts, authors, topics, and more.

These would still draw from existing HubSpot-hosted blog posts, however. It's not possible to create blog posts directly in your WordPress blog template.


Thanks for reply @Isaac_Takushi.
So how can i get start using blog api ? its enough to add tracking code to my website and start using blog APIs ?
what is the best way for this, do you have some specific tutorials for this ?

And one more thing, When i linked hubspot blog posts to my wordpress blog than whenever i will create a post in my hubspot it will automatically display on my wordpress blog page right ?


Hi @mqasim,

You don't need to install the HubSpot tracking code to use the COS Blog APIs.

There are some blog-related tutorials on, like this one. The Design Forum is also a great resource for specific implementation questions.

What you are describing should be possible with the COS Blog APIs, but it will require you or someone else to build the functionality. (It's not possible to simply publish directly to WordPress from the HubSpot blog UI.)