Integrate HubSpot to Power BI or Prophix


I am working on a project to create Marketing metric dashboards in Power BI. I have looked through the forum and it doesn’t look like there is a native integration between HubSpot and Power BI, but I’m wondering if there are some workarounds? We do have an integration from HubSpot to Microsoft Dynamics through Scribe. We can also push data into Prophix from Dynamics or HubSpot (do they integrate?). I am a marketing person so I’m a little out of my element. Just looking for a starting point to pass on to our integration team.



Hi @thimmelreich,

There isn’t currently an integration between HubSpot and Power BI, though there may be 3rd party integrations that can connect the two (e.g. You can also direct your team to our reference docs to give them an idea of what our public APIs are capable of:


My firm is a HubSpot agency partner and has built an API integration for HubSpot to PowerBI that is now in beta with several clients. PM me for information on how we built it.


Tiffany, did you ever find a solution to connect HubSpot to Power BI? If not, our connector service is now available and will appear shortly on the HubSpot beta integrations page. More information is available on our website here. The connector is also available on the HubSpot Integrations directory here.