Integrate with payment gateway




Can we setup hub spot form to do the integration with third party payment gateway?

Best Regards,
Nang Kham Liang


@Kham_Liang_Nang Are you looking to send the information to a different platform instead of HubSpot or in addition to HubSpot? What version of HubSpot do you have? Basic/Pro/Enterprise?


Hi Pmanca,

As the payment will handle by third party application we need to send the data to them via form submission.
After that we need to update the record in Hub Spot. Our current version is Enterprise.
Thank you.

Best Regards,
Kham Liang


@Kham_Liang_Nang if you are looking to integrate with Stripe or PayPal, then has you covered — it integrates with HubSpot forms to send the payments, update contacts after the purchase and trigger workflows.
I’m the founder, will be happy to provide a demo for you.


@Kham_Liang_Nang You might want to set up a custom form that can post to the HubSpot Forms API and your payment system at the same time.


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