Integrating Hubspot and Magento



We have an Existing Client of Hubspot CRM, who wants to integrate the CRM to Magento

They want the following functionality

a) Trigger an Email from Hubspot, when the cart is ‘Abandoned’ by the customer or in other words they didnt complete the purchase

b) 2 types of Subscription

c) Can the ‘Tracking Code’ be added to any transactional email and would this be further tracked in Hubspot CRM, once the customer opens the mail?


Hi @Richard_Valsalan,

For these questions, you’d be interested in the HubSpot Ecommerce bridge APIs. They’re in beta now, but you can request to join the beta at the page below. Additionally, the following docs have more info of the types of transactional email tools HubSpot provides with the transactional email add on.


Hi Derek,

Thank you for the reply

I have one more query, is it possible to Track the email containing the ‘Tracking Code’ at Hubspot CRM when an email gets triggered from a ‘third pary platform’(ex. Magento) ?

The Tracking Code that I am referring to is the one that is found at the ‘Settings’ section of Hubspot CRM


Hi @Richard_Valsalan,

The tracking code provided in the CRM settings is not intended for use in email. That’s the website page tracking code, used to identify website visitors and collect other information, and it will not function in an email. Other than the transactional email methods I mentioned before, there isn’t a way to track email sent via an external email sending provider.


Hi Derek,

Thank you for the reply.

A quick clarification, in order to implement any of the ‘Transactional Methods’ , the ‘Transactional Email Add-on’ needs to be purchased, is that correct ?

The costing of this add-on is $1,000/Mo, is that correct ?


Hi @Richard_Valsalan,

Yes, the transactional email add on is required for the methods outlined in the article I included. You can find more info on the transactional email add on below:


Hi Derek,

Thanks for the reply.

I have one last question.

Our Client is ‘Orscheln Farm & Home’!!

Currently they are using the marketing hub, but there are parts of the CRM that they could be using in the near future. They are planning to the use the ‘Customer platform’ which HubSpot is planning to launch in the early 2018.

Is the ‘Transactional Email Add on’ available for them currently or should they purchase it ?

Also I would like to know if there is any sort of restriction for an Api for their Account ?



You should have a look at our ready built app that integrates between HubSpot and Magento -



Yeah you ready build app is really amazing and the integration between HubSpot and Magento is just perfect.