Integrating Hubspot blog links into Wordpress website


Our new corporate website is being built in Wordpress, our blog is using Hubspot.

We want to pull through a feed of the 3 most recent blog pieces onto the homepage. They just need to be main image, headline and link.

Does anything exist out there, and what’s recommended?



Hi @alexknight99,

You can access your HubSpot blog’s RSS feed to do that:


Hi @Derek_Gervais

Brilliant, this is exactly what I needed. Thanks so much!



Hey Derek,

I found this post while trying to integrate our HubSpot blog into our wordpress site. I added the /rss.xml to the end of our blog URL but it still doesn't show up on our site. Is something blocking it?


Hi @bCook84,

Can you give me a link to your blog page?


I actually got it working but thanks for reaching out Derek! Using HubSpot and Wordpress has many advantages.