Integrating Segment and HubSpot without email


I am in the process of integrating HubSpot and Segment. A number of my events do not contain email within the identifier, it's user id, which is the best practice from Segment.

My question is without adding email to the event, are there ways to make this integration to work?


Hi @Logan_Rivenes,

Are you using this Events HTTP API endpoint?

If so, could you clarify the intent of the events lacking email?

Per the documentation, the email parameter is not required. Instead, you can use an external id parameter to:

[Tie] the event to a record based on your external id. Unlike email, including this id will not automatically create a contact record, so you would need to have some event associating the id with an email (either a previous HTTP Event call with both the id and email, or by using the id with the JavaScript API for a visitor that was associated with an email address) to have the event update a specific contact if you're only including the id parameter. Also note that this id is treated as a completely external id, so there will not be a way to look up a contact record using this id.


Hi @Isaac_Takushi,

Thank you for the reply. I am not sure if Segment uses the HTTP API Endpoint. I think they are updating based on analytics.js events.

The events we are looking to Push are our Backend events, which is why we use ID rather than an email.

Here is Segement's documentation, which possibly you can see if there is more specific information about what endpoint they are using.

Any help is great.


Hi @Logan_Rivenes,

Thank you for the clarification. Segment's documentation reveals that they are using a few different endpoints:

Email is required in certain circumstances (namely creating a new contact record) and not for others. Which of Segment's methods are you planning to use?

  • Identify
  • Track (client-side)
  • Track (server-side)