Integrating Wordpress and Hubspot using Flywheel


I am a Hubspot enterprise client.

We are currently hosting our blog on wordpress under the subdomain blog.XXXXXXXX (hosted by Flywheel). We would like to move our blog onto, but still host it on Wordpress.

I contacted Flywheel to see if this would be possible and they replied the following:

"Sure, we can help get that setup. This can be done via a Reverse Proxy and the HubSpot server would have to pass the requests made to the /blog/ directory to the Flywheel server. This guide here - - deals with a similar setup, though would need to be adapted to your configuration.

Let us know if that is something you would like to do and we would be glad to help!"

Hubspot support but they directed me to the developer forums.

Would this be a possibility?


Hi @nickwood,

A reverse proxy isn’t supported with the HubSpot CMS, since it can compromise security and performance. The following Knowledge Base article has some more info on this: