Integration App No Longer Working - Uh Oh Permissions Error


Hi - a few months ago we developed an oAuth app for our My Acclaro portal, that allowed Hubspot users to connect to their Hubspot accounts, select content (ie. blogs, emails, landing pages, etc…). Everything was working great for a few months, and we didn’t change any code on our side, but in the last few weeks our users are now getting the ‘uh Oh’ message when trying to make the connection.

Thanks for any and all help. @Hubspot Developer support - please send me a direct email if you’d like me to share our account token, and other information.


when we first built the integration a few months ago, we didn’t have any of the optional ‘scopes’ selected. Is this something new that was recently added to the Hubspot API that we now need to address?


also, guessing maybe we need to update to oAuth2?


Hi @acclaroapi

That screenshot is from our OAuth2 authorization screen, so you’re already working with OAuth2. The specific issue in that image is that you’re trying to authorize a developer account. Developer accounts can’t authorize apps, so you’d need to create a test portal:

If users are also seeing that error, can you let me know what scopes you’re requesting? You’d need to make sure that the scopes you’re requesting are accessible to the portal trying to authorize your app. For example, if you’re requesting the content scope, someone with a CRM only or Marketing Free account would see that error. You can find a list of what account types have access to which scopes here:


@dadams - thanks for the quick response.

for the account all I needed to do was create a new ‘Test Hub ID’ for the developer account and I then again got everything working for our content selection workflow… BUT, trying to connect in a different browser window using one of our corporate accounts, I still got the error message.

I tried selecting different scopes and didn’t see any positive changes. I’ve left it with ‘Basic OAuth’ enabled on the Application Details page. Any ideas on how to fix this for our clients trying to use the connector with their accounts so that it works the same way as it now does with our developer test account’s test hub content?


also just a note that the personal corporate account I’m trying to use with the connector has both marketing & CRM privileges


We are not able to get the token information for Cozyroc due to the following block:


Hi @davidhellman,

Can you give me some more info on the scopes you're requesting? Are you seeing this when authorizing all portals, or only some?


When I take the url created by Cozyroc in the SQL server connection manager and paste it into Chrome on the server I can get to point where I select the account to auth and when I click one I get this:


Hi @davidhellman,

I can see the authorization code in the URL, which means you were able to successfully auth a portal. The fact that you're seeing a 404 page leads me to believe that the redirect URL leads to a page that doesn't exist? That console error isn't anything I've seen before, and it doesn't appear to be HubSpot related.