Integration duplicate contact


I have noticed that there are many repeated URL calls in my app that is causing duplicate content on my CRM

why this is happening?


Any help on this?

Mohamed Lulu


Hi @mohamed.lulu

Are these calls being made by your integration into HubSpot? Or requests being made by HubSpot (such as for webhooks)? Are you seeing duplicate content in HubSpot or the external system? Any other details you can share about the calls?


Hi @dadams ,
it’s requests made by HubSpot, it appears under the webhook logging subscription type contact.creation
i don’t see any duplicate content in HubSpot but this webhook calls cause a duplicate content on my CRM

Mohamed Lulu


Hi @dadams,

did you have a chance to look into my issue?

Mohamed Lulu


Are you seeing duplicate webhooks? If you’re not seeing duplicates in HubSpot, then it’s most likely an issue with the system receiving the webhooks.