Integration issue with user permissions



I am having issues getting my integration to work for users of my portal that are not super admin users. My application redirects to HubSpot with the following URL:

The authentication process works as expected for users under the portal that have super admin toggled on. I am under the impression from the documentation, that they only need access to the contacts and possibly marketing permissions. I have a test account that I setup which has these permissions ("everything" option checked for contacts, etc.). When attempting the authentication redirect from my application to the URL above with that account, the following is displayed:

I have looked at a few other posts on the forum from the past year, but none of them describing a similar issue are going through the exact process I've outlined, only requiring the contacts scope. I have the contacts and basic oauth checked in my application settings.

My question is, do all users under my portal who wish to integrate with my application need to be super admin users?

I appreciate any insight.


I'm also receiving this problem with new connections. It seems that only Super Admins can only connect the "contacts" scope right now.


Hi @goodfactorylife and @stevenlu,

Can you both give me your Hub IDs? In general, the surest way to approve an integration for a portal is to get a super admin to do it. That said, I'm happy to examine your portals / users to make sure they have the proper scopes.


I'm having this issue too. Hubspot<->Zapier integration broke as a result of something changing 5-6 days ago.


Hi @stevenlu,

It looks like you're correct; for certain portals, only a super admin can approve the contacts scope. I'm working on this issue with the team now, and I'll keep this thread updated with information as I have it. In the interim, the temporary solution is to have a super admin install the app.

cc. @goodfactorylife


Hi @Derek_Gervais,

I appreciate that it takes some time to fix bugs and roll out releases. Just checking in, are there any updates on this issue?

Thanks for your help.


Hi @goodfactorylife,

I'm sorry, but this issue is still being worked on. The issue is related to some fundamental aspects of the way Marketing/CRM Free portals interact with our authentication system, so the issue is a fairly involved fix. Add to that the busy-ness of Inbound season and the recent product failure, and this issue has taken a bit of a back seat.

None of that is an excuse; I include it only to give you some context around the resolution. I'll be sure to keep you (and the forum in general) updated as we work towards a resolution here.


Hi @Derek_Gervais,

Just checking in on the issue again. The clients for my integration have a workaround, but I was wondering if there is an ETA for resolution.

Thanks again.