Interlink issue



Allow me to clarify.

This is the page I have developed.

Design Manager Url is here >>

If you scroll down, you will see 10 steps. These 10 steps have been designed as 10 tabs. If you click on one tab you will be taken to a step.

My challenge - I am unable to assign unique urls for each step. Let me explain.

URL for Step 1 -
URL for Step 5 -

But the problem is when I input the Step 5 URL in the browser, it still takes me to Step 1.

Can you suggest what code I should use so that Step 5 URL goes to Step 5 only.

Thank you.


I think you are missing the on-page “anchors” (not links).

Add something like this: in the page’s HTML where you want the URL to go to.

Hope that helps.



The anchor tag you need is like this: <a name="step5"></a>


Thank you for your time.

I have attempted your suggestion. It will work, but not in my particular case. Since I am using JS for each tabbed content.

Please see this deck where I have described my problem and the solution I am seeking.

Explanation Deck