Internal emails getting logged in organization with multiple email domains



I work in a company different brands, each with its own email domain.
Our sales people are using SideKick and some kind of Gmail integration that automatically creates contacts and companies for the people they interact with.

By default, each account is not tracking their own domain and in Settings => Sales => Log emails in CRM you can specify additional domains.

The problem that the domain list seems not to be invariant to the email of the person logged in.

Here is an example

if I log in as i will see * already blocked and I cannot add it again. That means that those logged in with a email will not have the rule.

Obviously I can create an admin account for each brand, but it would be much easier if the list in the specified page would be valid across all accounts.

Ideally I would like to go to that page and set the domains not to be tracked for the whole portal.


Hi @Kralizek,

If you're an account administrator, you can hover over each rule and select 'Block for all users' to block that email/domain for all users in a portal:


Hi Derek,

Thanks for your time. I did exactly what your link suggests and it solved 90% of the issues. I have the suspicion that some corner cases are left, hence my forum post.

I attached the screenshots from two admin accounts (please note that the paging might not be perfect), myself (having an account and another admin (having an account


Hi @Kralizek,

Can you send me a link to the portal in question so that I can dig into this further?


Hi Derek,

I missed this message.

Here is the link to the affected portal:


Hi @Kralizek,

Here is a complete list of the domains on the portal-wide block list that I pulled:

Let me know if I missed something, but it looks like that includes all of the domains in both screenshots?


It looks correct :slight_smile:


Any update? It has passed quite some time and I still have the different internal companies added to the portal.


Hi @Kralizek,

I'm sorry for the miscommunication, I thought the issue was resolved? The portal-wide block list I pulled appeared to have all domains correctly blocked?


Yes but contacts and companies with our internal domains are still being created.


I'll send you a private message with additional details