Internal error when updating user by vid




Got an internal error response when trying to post to Contacts API with user vid.

{"status"=>"error", "message"=>"internal error", "correlationId"=>"882e4799-b484-453b-b066-5ceb12979f62", "requestId"=>"7ce9fe5842ea340f2d6f38a26b074795"}

Can someone help me, and what other information can I provide on here to solve the issue?



Hi @victorclee,

Happy to help. To troubleshoot effectively, though, I'll need the following information:

  1. Your Hub ID.
  2. The full request URL you used, including the method. (Don't include your API key.)
  3. The raw request body, including the headers.
  4. The status code you received from HubSpot.



  1. 4592187
  2. post{ }/profile?hapikey=#{Rails.application.secrets.hubspot_api_key}

headers:{ "Accept" => "application/json" },
"properties": [
"property": "causes",
"value": "#{ @user.active_causes }"
"property": "charities_helped",
"value": "#{ charities_count }"
"property": "dollars_donated",
"value": "#{ total_giving }"
"property": "percents",
"value": "#{ percent_pledged }"
"property": "referral_code",
"value": "#{ set_share_link }"
"property": "referrees",
"value": "#{ @user.referrees.count }"
"property": "billable",
"value": "#{ @user.billable? }"
"property": "firstname",
"value": "Avocado"

  1. code: 500
    {"status"=>"error", "message"=>"internal error", "correlationId"=>"5c172128-03c4-4329-987a-dc41b8e6cc27", "requestId"=>"1fe81a449aaac48704d95b2837dacd68"}


Hey @victorclee,

I thought you were trying to update a contact by its vid? That endpoint is via email.

Would you share a link to a contact you are attempting to update via the vid endpoint?



Sorry, posted the wrong url. I've tried updating both via email and vid, but I always get the 500 response.

"{ @user.hubspot_vid }/profile?hapikey=#{ Rails.application.secrets.hubspot_api_key }"

I was trying to update myself as a test


I'm integrating the Contacts API with our Rails app, and I'm using a gem called Unirest to make the call

I can make changes to myself through the API when using Postman, but always get 500 response through our Rails app


Any updates would be appreciated, @Isaac_Takushi


Hey @victorclee,

I was able to update your contact's Would you like to see some puppies? property, so the HubSpot endpoint and your API key are working properly.

I unfortunately won't be of much help in troubleshooting Rails, but in this case, the 500 error suggests some formatting issue to me.

Are you able to get an example of the actual call made (not with the variables but the actual vid injected?



Here's an code example of an attempt to update my own HubSpot contact through the API

require 'unirest'
require 'json'

contact = "", 
                        headers: { "Accept" => "application/json" }, 
                        parameters: {"properties": [{"property": "firstname", "value": "Avocado"}]}.to_json
puts contact.code

contact.code shows me 500, and there's no update to my profile.


Happy Monday, @Isaac_Takushi! Does the code example above help give you any insights on where the formatting issue is?

Hi @dadams , I was reading up on some other forum posts regarding developers getting 500 status code and saw your name several times. Please excuse me for roping you in in the middle, but thought the more set of eyes and brains on an issue the better. I provided most of the info I can in earlier posts. Please let me know what other info I can provide to give you a better picture of the issue. Thanks!


Hi @victorclee,

Unirest seems to want a Hash for parameters and you're currently calling .to_json on a JSON object.

Can you try:

{:properties=>[{:property=>"firstname", :value=>"Avacado"}]}

Failing that, try:

{:properties=>[{:property=>"firstname", :value=>"Avacado"}]}.to_json

P.S. I've removed your API key since this is a public forum.


@Isaac_Takushi, thanks for responding! Still got 500 status back on both attempts. And yes, thank you very much for catching that for me :slight_smile:

What are some other solutions we can try?



I'm frankly not familiar with Ruby, so you know more than I do on that front. Is there any way you can get me the actual JSON request body sent to the endpoint? (Not the Hash or the code you're entering in the app.)

I'm heading out for the day, but I'll see what I can do tomorrrow.


@Isaac_Takushi sure thing. Here's the actual data that's in the payload.

{:properties=>[{:property=>"causes", :value=>"Animals & Environment, Youth & Education"}, {:property=>"charities_helped", :value=>"8"}, {:property=>"dollars_donated", :value=>"75.0"}, {:property=>"percents", :value=>"1.0"}, {:property=>"referral_code", :value=>""}, {:property=>"referrees", :value=>"1"}, {:property=>"billable", :value=>"true"}]}


@Isaac_Takushi Could it be something in the header?



The issue was solved by not using Unirest to make the HTTP call.

I ended up using URI and Net::HTTP.

I also added a .to_json at the end of my request body request.body = data.to_json

Finally got a 204!

Thanks for your help!


I'm glad to hear it, @victorclee!

I was thinking the issue was with the body data's format, since the payload you pasted above is in Hash rather than JSON. I guess the .to_json method didn't work in Unirest?



I think Unirest understands the to_json method, since it's documented in their readme.
Under the "Custom Entity Body" section

At this point, I'm not able to pinpoint what the issue was with Unirest. The success came from an effort to duplicate what is working from using Postman, and the libraries it used were URI and Net::HTTP