Internal error when using get_events API Call


I'm trying to download all the email events for a list of campaigns using the request outlined on this page. .

{'status': 'error', 'message': 'internal error', 'correlationId': '3f0688b1-2882-4056-b6a9-ef0955ec477d', 'requestId': 'eeaf085fa71a5c628dc68f6cb3c7ad7e'}

I've been running into a "internal error" message the past few times I've tried this request. There are a lot of requests occurring but I'm certain it's not over any of the limits listed here.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @Lachlan_Byatt, I just used the endpoint listed and was able to get the events for my portal for a specific campaign. This may have been temporary. So I can dig into this a bit further, would you mind replying with your portal ID, and the campaign ID you're looking to pull events from?

Please also send along an example request URL you made including the method (leave out your API key). Thank you


I'm using this API to iterate through a series of portalID's (3 portals) and campaignID's (~200 - 400 for each portal) where this issue occurs has not been consistent to either a single portal or campaign ID. I've had it successfully run yesterday so I'd consider this issue resolved - thanks for your help