Internal error - with no details


I’m doing the following request, and getting the following cryptic response. What is the issue here, and could you guys please fix your API to give reasonable error descriptions? I see tons of similar errors from people here and I don’t see why this hasn’t been fixed yet??[my key]
{“properties”: [{“name”: “website”, “value”: “”}, {“name”: “name”, “value”: “Hospital IQ”}]}
{“status”:“error”,“message”:“internal error”,“correlationId”:“1f5d2397-aa0d-463f-8f8d-8280b65cb9b0”,“requestId”:“abaac4427647d88acf8eadeb13556c4e”}


Hi @wojtek

Are you logging the body of the error response? Trying the data you have I’m not seeing any errors myself, but there should be a message with more details in the response body.


I dumped the entire response body, and there was no extra message.

Came out I was double-encoding JSON - so it would be cool to get a ‘malformed json’ message or something like that.