Internal Notification after custom timeline event has been triggered


I have created custom timeline events that occur on a contacts timeline after they perform certain actions within our app. I want to notify a salesperson when these events occur so that they can reach out the user who triggered the event.

How can I do this. I assumed I could use workflows but haven’t been able to figure out how.

The email sent to the salesperson should contain the contacts info and the event or have a link to the contact.


Hi Ben,

How did you create the oauth access token to be able to create timeline events for contacts? I am having a heck of a time figuring it out?

Thanks in advance



Hi J,

Yeah it was a pain in the arse.

I followed the “Connecting your app to HubSpot using OAuth 2.0” guide:

However the thing that threw me off initially was the guide talking about the user e.g step 1: “the user will be presented with a screen that allows them to grant access to your integration”.

You do everything yourself via building urls and getting the code from the url you land on when you are redirected. Do the same in step 2.

I also built a class that refreshes the access token if it is expired.


Thanks Ben,

Yeah the part about a user is hanging me up as well since there is not going to be that interaction in our app. Might you have a code sample showing what you did to get me over that hump.

Thank you