Internal server error when creating Deal through API


Hi guys,

I’m getting this erros when trying to create a Deal through the API:

status -> error
message -> internal error
correlationId -> b05e6066-89bd-4542-ad4a-e533bb5f9c28
requestId -> 50e8a3faddb49163ca60e661c814adcc

The same integration works on most cases, but gave this error when sending some specific data. Unfortunely, the data have some private customer information and I can’t send it here.

Does anyone have any idea how can I try to find what cause it?



@Eduardo_Araujo can you print out the full message that HubSpot sends back to you? You can mark out the data section if it contains sensitive information to your customers.


Hi @pmanca, while I was generating the return message for the service call, it worked fine and generated the Deal with no problem.

Let’s hope it was a temporary instability.

Thanks for you time, none the less.