Internal value change in an API (postal code property)



One of our customers (HUB 2842336) has a significant problem with this API:

He has always successfully retrieved the Postal Code field ( with the internal value code_postal.

However, since last week, the developer who set up this API tells us that he has a problem importing data into his internal software because the value "code_postal" would have been renamed to "zip". However, I see in the properties of our client's Hubspot account that this "zip" value is assigned to another postal code field (

Could you enlighten us on what is happening? For our part, we have not made any changes to the forms for a month and the postal code field with the zip value only appears on 3 forms (which is not new).

Did you make an update on your side that could explain that the API now returns the value "zip" and no longer "code_postal"?

Thank you for your reply.


Hi @Mathilde,

I'm happy to help, however there haven't been any updates on our side.

The Postal code contact property with the internal name zip is the default HubSpot contact property while Code Postal (code_postal) is a custom contact property.

Besides being entirely different properties, zip has the field type "single-line text" while the custom property code_postal is a "number." This could be causing issues, as the fields cannot be mapped to each other.