Introducing the HubDB REST APIs



Hi everyone,

At Inbound, we announced HubDB, a relational database within HubSpot that allows you to create database-driven pages built entirely on the HubSpot platform. HubDB allows you to easily build out tables for many different types of data, and allows you to access that data on your HubSpot pages using HubL.

Today, we’re launching the HubDB REST APIs. The HubDB API allows you to remotely manage the data stored in a HubDB table, or to use JavaScript to access the data already stored in a HubDB table. For example, you could use the HubDB API to sync your product list with a HubDB table that’s being used to display your product information on a listing page built in HubSpot.

The documentation for the HubDB API can be found here:

For more information about HubDB, including examples of pages using HubL to work with HubDB data, see this page:



Do you have plans to get rid of the API limits when using HubL to access HubDB? Without a caching layer or a loosing of the API limit restrictions this functionality is next to useless for DB driven pages for websites of any size.


The API limits wouldn’t apply when using HubL to display data from a HubDB table.

The limits would apply to any (authenticated) requests you’d make through the API to update the data in the tables, but getting the data for a published table will not count towards the daily limit.


HubSpot Support tells me otherwise and when I test my page with a custom module accessing HubDB the API count goes up.

From what I can see internal HubDB calls from HubL get counted towards the daily limit. I’m happy to be corrected!


Sorry if there was some confusion on that, but using HubDB with HubL will not count towards the limit. Currently that daily limit will count any requests made using your hapikey (which will not be the case for anything using HubL), so that would count the single request for checking the current usage.


Ok, good to know! Thanks.